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This training has been cancelled.

[edit] Elite Web Application Defense by Eoin Keary and Jim Manico

Writing Secure code is the most effective method to securing your web applications. Writing secure code takes skill and know-how but results in a more stable and robust application and assists in protecting an organisations brand. Application security is not commonly a part of many computer science curricula today and most organizations have not focused on instituting a culture that includes application security as a core part of their software development training efforts.

This intensive 2-day course focuses on the most common web application security problems, including aspects of both the OWASP Top Ten (2010) and the MITRE Top 25. The course will introduce and demonstrate application assessment techniques, illustrating how application vulnerabilities can be exploited so students really understand how to avoid introducing such vulnerabilities in their code. Students get experience via doing, both in terms of exploitation but also the latest defences against common and advanced attacks covering both traditional and RIA applications.

[edit] Trainer Biography

"'Eoin Keary'" is the CTO and founder of BCC Risk Advisory Ltd. ( a local Irish company who specialise in secure application development, advisory, penetration testing, Mobile & Cloud security and training.

He is also an international board member, and vice chair of OWASP, The Open Web Application Security Project ( During his time in OWASP he has lead the OWASP Testing and Security Code Review Guides and also contributed to OWASP SAMM, ASVS and the OWASP Cheat Sheet Series. Eoin has led global security engagements for some of the world’s largest financial services and consumer products companies. He is a well known technical leader in industry in the area of software security and penetration testing.

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Jim Manico is the VP of Security Architecture for WhiteHat Security. Jim provides secure coding and developer awareness training for WhiteHat Security using his 8+ years of experience delivering developer-training courses for SANS, Aspect Security and others. Jim brings 16 years of database-driven Web software development and analysis experience to WhiteHat. A host of the OWASP podcast Series, Jim is the committee chair of the OWASP Connections Committee and is a significant contributor to various OWASP projects. Jim works on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii where he lives with his wife Tacey.

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24 & 25 September (09:00 - 17:00)

This training has been cancelled.

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